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2005-03-28 - 3:55 p.m.

It will be my first time......

���..FLYING that is. That�s right kids. Time for me to face forward, buckle up, and drink something strong. I must admit that the whole flying thing is well, for lack of a better phrase, scary as a mo fo to me.

So it is off to Atlanta tomorrow. Not a long flight, about an hour and foty fi. But an eternity to a chicken like me who has never been on a four zillion ton tube of steel thirty thousand feet in the air.

My worst fear is getting lost in the effing airport. I�m thinking I might need a handy dandy name tag like they give the little kids who fly alone. The anxiety is setting in and I think I have now broken out in hives.

Everyone says don�t sweat it! It will be fine. They had better be right. Just sayin���.

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