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Today I will do my best to be the best. I will listen. I will be honest. I will respect the rights of others. I can learn. I will learn. What I do today will make a difference.

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2004-12-31 - 9:27 a.m.

Here We Go!

So we are about to embark upon a new year, 2005. (Okay it was weird as shit typing that. I will so still be writing 2004 until like June.) What will it hold for us? The answer my friends, who the eff knows? That is the beauty of it, no? I mean we can make all the resolutions for changing what we want and stick to them or not but it will be the unplanned things that affect us the most. Just think about the last year and all of the things both good and bad that have happened but you never could have predicted in a million years.

Take for example, ME. If anyone would have told me that 2004 would be the year in which I would finally just have had enough (translation: eighty-six the worthless husband), I would have laughed. This was by far one of the hardest if not THE hardest things I have ever done. But I am proud to say that when I, Wendy, decide to do something I do it and do it right. I have not once wavered in my decision and have realized that it was the right one to make. So yay to me on that.

On that same note, if anyone would have told me that in 2004, I would find a wonderfully terrific man who wants to be with me for all the right reasons, I would have not only laughed, but would have pissed myself from laughing so hard. Furthermore, if anyone would have told me that this man would be living, oh thirty feet away from me, I would STILL be laughing. But as it turns out, both have come to pass. Imagine that! Who knew? No one did, that is my point.

I think that the only thing we can do is the one day at a time thing. Sure, set goals to make your life better and happier. And in the meantime, buckle up tight kids because you never ever know what is around the next corner and every breath we take is a corner. It will be interesting to see how much we all will have changed 365 little days from today.

One more thing, in honor of the New Year let me say this to you:

I have moved on……..

***P.S. If there is anyone out there who wanted desperately to get me a Christmas gift but could not think of anything this tidbit is for you: My super gold account will expire in approximately 2.6 days and I have no moolah, dinero, cashola, grit, funds….Just sayin’….

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