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Today I will do my best to be the best. I will listen. I will be honest. I will respect the rights of others. I can learn. I will learn. What I do today will make a difference.

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2005-02-23 - 9:13 a.m.

"Fun Times on McClellan Street"

Conversation at Wendy’s house last night:

Wendy (aka “Mom”): So Nick, weren’t report cards supposed to come out last week?
Nick (aka “Smart Ass Teenager”): Huh?
Mom: Huh? DID YOU GET YOUR REPORT CARD? *thinking—do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?*
Smart Ass: *smirking* Yeah.
Mom: Weelll, Ima need to see it.
Smart Ass: Ok, I will get it later.
Mom: Uh, no. You will get it NOW! How many F’s (as in Frank) did you get?
Smart Ass: Alright, I will get it. I just got one F—in English. *Smart ass leaves table and begins to rummage through back pack*
Mom: Where is it?
Smart Ass: I can’t find it. I put it in here but now it is gone.
Mom: *in a very loud voice* You have approximately three seconds to either admit to throwing it away or to produce it. Otherwise, I will rip that back pack apart until I find it.
Smart Ass: I have it. I just cannot find it! You are always accusing me of lying. I am sick of it.
Mom: Well, that is because you ARE a liar. Gimme that book bag boy! *Mom proceeds to go through book bag and happens upon the remnants of the report card envelope, but no report card. Additionally she finds a notice of in school detention which she was NEVER shown. And then, an interim report—Mom continues: What the hell is this? According to this, you also have an F (as in FOOL) in Algebra. That makes two F’s. I thought you said you only had one.
Smart Ass in now deep shit: Oh, I forgot about that one.
Pissed off Mom: Forgot? What’s the first letter in forgot? F—and that’s what you got! You had better give me that report card or somebody, not me, is subject to be hospitalized! *Smart Ass flips through one last book and voila! Mom snatches said report card…*
Enraged Mom: *Speechless for just the slightest moment* Now we get to the truth. And the said pitiful truth is that you have not one, not two, but three F’s (as in FEAR), three D’s and one lonely little B. That is it! You are on punishment for at least a month. You will go no where! You will play no video games! You will not touch the computer! You will get no learner’s permit! You are, as they say Effed (no pun intended).
Smart Ass that Does Not Know when to Shut Up: What? Why? It ain’t (hence the F in English) my fault. Algebra is hard and useless. They snuck in two essay questions at the end of the English exam and I didn’t have time to finish. And the F in Science is because I had a project almost done on my computer and my computer messed up.
Mom who is about to have a coronary: BOY! I oughta back hand you! No wonder you are failing. You are plum stupid if you think I am buying that load of garbage. You are on punishment. End of story.

Yeah, folks that made for a lovely evening round the ole dinner table. I was pissed, Nick was a bulled up and mad and Jamie was loving life. But here is the kicker. After all of that this poor lad actually got up this very a.m. and asked if he could go to the gym TONIGHT! The answer was of course HELL NO and he of course is still not clear as to why! Teenagers…………just sayin’!

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